Embracing the seasons of your Moon/Menstrual Cycle I have decided to write this blog because I am increasingly aware of just how out of touch many women are with their moon or menstrual cycles. Perhaps they have never had the honour of being in touch. On a broader scale we are generally out of touch […]

I have been agonising for months (if not a couple of years!) over how to describe what I do. Painful breakfast networking introductions going something like this…”Hi! I’m Lon.  I’m a yoga teacher, massage therapist (specialising in abdominal massage and women’s health) and a birth and postnatal doula…” It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue […]

And what’s with all the Love…? Well, did you know that 2013 is, astrologically speaking the YEAR of Love! I originally posted this in February (for hopefully obvious reasons!) but here is a modified version to remind ourselves to keep on loving, ourselves and others. Numerologically speaking, it is a ‘6’ year and in the […]

When one of my clients recently described this sensation in her abdomen, I knew exactly what she meant!! We all know the feeling of over eating and having a bloated sore stomach (think Christmas lunch!), but what about people that experience this feeling 80-90% of the time?  When did that become acceptable as normal?  What […]